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Hailey Reome
Hailey is 12 yrs old and is in 7th grade. She likes to draw,read,dance,sing,and ride horses in her free time. She is on the Sr. Competition Dance team at Galway,the Competition Rifle team at the Galway Fish & Game Club,and the Modified Soccer team. She’s also in Band,Chorus,Drama Club and Galway Players(basically Drama Club),and EMC of course! Her favorite school subject is Science,and she is in the Accelerated Science course. She has an abundance of animals,a dog,2 cats,2 horses,and 5 chickens.She absolutely adores animals!She is known to be the outgoing one of the group,and always has fun wherever she goes!

Hailey Reome, Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

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Hailey Reome