Eagles Media Center

2019-2020 Staff

Simon Evans

Jr. High EMC Staff Reporter

Simon Evans is in 7th grade.  Simon and his family have run across the country and down the Mississippi River!  He loves to play sports like baseball, soccer, running, and basketball. His favorite school subject is science and h...

Ethan Dabrowski

I like playing sports, such as soccer and basketball. I am 13 and play percussion in band. My favorite class is gym and my favorite animal is a cat. This is supposed to be quick so I'll keep this short and sweet.   ...

Marsika Leszczynski

Jr. High EMC Staff Reporter

 Mariska is a 12 year old 7th grader. She lives with her mom,Dad,brother Jarek,and my cat Lila. She plays volleyball and is part of the spring play.Some of her favorite things to do are to draw the outdoors (mostly during the...

Hailey Reome

Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

Hailey is 13 yrs old and is in 7th grade. She likes to draw,read,dance,sing,and ride horses in her free time. She is on the Sr. Competition Dance team at Galway, the Competition Rifle team at the Galway Fish & Game Club, the...

Addelayde Ross

Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

Addelayde is 12 years old and in 7th grade. She is in student senate, intramurals, the newspaper (EMC) club, etc. She lives on a ranch and has 10 sheep and 2 cats. She really likes English and Science. This is her 4th year at Galway....

Sybrina Wilkins

EMC Jr. High Staff

Sybrina is 12 years old and in 7th grade. She enjoys hanging out with her friends. She is in student Senate. She also has 2 pet cats.  She is Addelayde Ross's newspaper assistant.  

Sara Conti

EMC Sr. High Staff Writer

Sara Conti is a freshman this year.  Her favorite sport is volleyball. She likes doing robotics and writing for EMC.  She likes watching Wonder and the Harry Potter movies. Her favorite quote is "Be yourself everyone else is ...

Alex Malanoski

EMC Sr. High Writer

Alex Malanoski is a Senior and loves to sing as well as draw in his free time. He also participates in GTV, and of course EMC. Alex is the treasurer of Class Office and NHS, and is an Eagle Scout. He participates in basketball...

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