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2018-2019 Staff

Sara Conti

EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Sara Conti is 13 years old and in 8th grade.  Her favorite sport is volleyball. She likes doing robotics and writing for EMC.  She likes watching Wonder and the Harry Potter movies. Her favorite quote is "Be yourself everyone...

Skye Fitzgerald

EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Skye Fitzgerald is 13 years old and in 8th grade.Her favorite sport is floor hockey. She has a large collection of colored pens for coloring in coloring books, one of her favorite activities. She loves watching Supernatural and Marv...

Darren Heigel

EMC Sr. High Writer

Christian Hines

EMC Sr. High Writer

Jon Fajans

EMC Sr. High Writer

Aidan O'Beirne

EMC Sr. High Writer

I started writing for EMC in 11th grade and started writing stories in 8th grade. Books have always fascinated me. I find they open my mind to extraordinary places, making me smarter. I also love movies and I've loved them sinc...

Riley Flint

EMC Sr. High Writer

Riley Flint is in 12th grade and is known for being the President of Class of 2019, President of Student Senate, a member of Chamber Singers, GTV, and EMC. He enjoys politics, theater, and music.

Siela Zembsch

EMC Sr. High Writer

Siela is an EMC journalist, GTV anchor, and co-art-editor for Impressions magazine. She is a senior here at Galway and plans to attend college next year for marine science or writing. In her free time, you can find her backpacking,...

Natalie Zembsch


Natalie Zembsch is a senior and has been a part of EMC/GTV since her sophomore year. She contributes to the website with "Humans of Galway" and articles covering a broad range of topics. In her spare time she adores being outside,...

Anna Wnuk

EMC Sr. High Writer

Anna Wnuk is a senior at Galway and has been wanting to do EMC for a while. This is her first year, and she is excited to be able to participate. Outside of EMC, she partakes in National Honor Society, the Impressions literary magazi...

Morgan Edwards

GTV Director

Morgan Edwards is an 11th grader who loves to laugh. She enjoys cold stormy days bundled up in fuzzy socks and fuzzy blankets. She also is obsessed with otters. She enjoys making new friends and making inside jokes. She is also...

Ryan Ingle

EMC Sr. High Writer

Eben Perkins

EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Eben is a twelve year old who loves skiing, mountain biking, and forging. He is also smart.  In 6th grade, he had the highest average in every class.

Emma Mitchell

EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Emma is 12 years old and is in seventh grade. She loves to ski. Her favorite subject is science. Black Panther is her favorite Marvel superhero. The Flash is her favorite DC superhero. Her favorite weather is snowy.

Aidan Reekie-Mell

EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Aidan Reekie-Mell is 12 year old born on June 12, 2006. He loves Sci-fi movies and his favorite show is Gravity Falls. He is a self proclaimed geek and loves to hang out with friends or playing video games. He has 2 cats, 4 dogs,...

Alexis Heuser

Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

Lexi Heuser is a 12 year old and is in 7th grade. Her favorite sport is volleyball, but likes watching football too. Her favorite quote: "If plan A doesn't work, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet." Lexi's favorite book...

Chris Maher

EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Chris Maher is 12 years old ( 13 in January) and in 7th grade. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Gerber and his favorite book is Hatchet. His favorite movie is Antman. He will NEVER get a tattoo and his favorite brand of clothing is Un...

Hannah Thompson

EMC Sr. High Writer and GTV Director

Hannah Thompson is a 12th grader here at Galway. She's been a member of EMC for three years, and she's a member of a lot of clubs, like the Impressions Literary Magazine and the Masterminds team, which she is also the captain...

Josh Rumsey

EMC Sr. High Writer

Josh Rumsey is a humorous student here at Galway. He is known for his articles in the Humans of Galway column with his colleague Samantha (Sam) Grant. He participates in Student Senate in his free time.

Sam Grant

EMC Sr. High Writer

I am currently a senior here at Galway High. I play volleyball, basketball, and run track. I am also very involved in NHS and Student Senate. This is my second year as a GTV anchor as well as an EMC article writer with my co-w...

Jacob O'Brien

EMC Sr. High Photographer

Jacob O'Brien is a senior here at Galway and is a photographer that specializes in nature and machinery. He is involved with Future Farmers of America (FFA), Class Office for the Class of 2019, Galway Volunteer Fire Department...

Evelyn Relyea

EMC Sr. High Writer

I am currently a senior at Galway. This is my second year as a writer on EMC. Besides EMC, I'm involved in NHS, Drama Club, Chambers, Impressions, Basketball, and Soccer.  My favorite things are hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and...

Walter Ellsworth

Sr. High Staff Writer

Walter is a self-described "cool guy" and is known for being tall. He loves animals, literature, technology, and science. Walter is moderately good at basketball, he claims, and participates in track. In Boy Scouts he is a Star...

Ryan Lovelass

Sr. High Staff Writer

Ryan Lovelass is an 11th grader here at Galway. He is very active in his community and participates in many activities both in and out of school. He has been a member of EMC since 7th grade and focuses on sports-related topic...

Rachel Wnuk

EMC Sr. High Writer

Rachel Wnuk is a 11th grader here at Galway.  She loves her pets, soccer, running, eating food, and hanging out with friends.  She has worked with EMC for a few years now, mostly writing sports-related articles. She participates...

Alex Malanoski

EMC Sr. High Writer

Alex Malanoski is a Junior and loves to sing as well as draw in his free time. He also participates in GTV, and of course EMC. Alex is the treasurer of Class Office and is working on his Eagle Project in Boy Scouts. He participates ...

Rachel Germain

Sr. High Staff Writer

Rachel Germain is an 11th grader. She is a Girl Scout and has been since Kindergarten. She loves to dance and has been dancing in the Galway PTSA Dance program since Kindergarten too. Her favorite subject in school is Spanish....

Kaylee Bagdan

Head Editor and EMC Sr. High Writer and Photographer

Kaylee Bagdan started writing when she was very young, but was never serious about it until the 6th grade. Her favorite types of writing and reading include realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, and poetry. Kaylee's...

Justin Kozlowski

EMC Sr. High Staff Writer and E-Way Intern

When Justin first started contributing to EMC, he was a 7th grade student with a good sense of humor. Now, he still likes to think he is funny. Justin is a movie buff and enjoys collecting movies on Blu-ray and reading graphic...

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