The Moon- an original poem

Finding the moon,

sounds easy right?

No, it’s not

You have the stars.

You look through them all,

searching, hoping, wishing

for the perfect one.

But know you’ve lost sight of what’s right in front of you

The moon.

Yes, my friend

The Moon.

The moon has always been there, easy to find

but you decided to search the stars instead

Searching for something perfect,


that doesn’t exist.

Perfection doesn’t exist,

and neither does the perfect star

You don’t need to search the stars,

you found what you needed.

The moon!

But you were blinded,

searching for something that will never be.

People say finding the moon is easy.

They are wrong.

You get lost,

searching for perfection,

searching for the unreal.

While searching through all those stars,

looking for that perfect one,

we loose track of what’s real,

what’s right in front of us

The moon.

But you were too blinded by perfection

to notice it