Sunrise on the bus

Hailey Reome, Sr.High Writer

you were my sun.

bright, bubbly, 

you lit up my world

keeping me warm and lit up on the darkest days.

i wanted to stay with you forever

bask in the warm like a cat

gaze up at the gentle light keeping me sane

but don’t stare for too long!

the light is blinding

you won’t be able to see!

sunlight is funny like that, you know?

draws you in and BOOM!

you can’t see your surroundings.

that’s exactly what you did to me.

i was foolish for not using sunglasses.

i didn’t need them! 

the sunlight can’t be that bright, can it?

it can’t cause that much harm right?

what’s the worst that’s going to happen if i don’t wear sunglasses?

boy was i so very wrong.

at first it was sweet

but i was sucked in

i tumbled

and fell

and staring into the brightness

i lost sight of my surroundings.

i was blind.


just maybe

if i had used sunglasses,

i would have noticed the rain clouds,

or the thunderstorm,

because after all,

the sun doesn’t stay out forever.

but it’s too late now

the storm’s here

and there’s no running for safety.