Galway Public Library Happenings: Teach My Kid to Read

Hailey Reome, Jr. High EMC Reporter

There is a new program put in place at the Galway Public library called “Teach My Kid to Read.” This program is here to help early readers, kids that struggle with reading, and those with dyslexia.

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disability, mostly in reading. People with dyslexia have trouble reading at a good pace and without mistakes. They may also have a hard time with reading comprehension, spelling, writing, and math. People with dyslexia never outgrow it, but with the proper tools and help they can learn to overcome it.

This program, created by Marion Waldman, was created to help kids with dyslexia or other reading problems overcome them and learn like the rest of their peers. Many kids are not given the proper resources to help them, so many never overcome these challenges. “Teach My Kid to Read” is a wonderful program with teachers that can help your child with whatever they are struggling with. Whether it’s reading comprehension, word sounds, or even the alphabet, there are tons of different things your child can be taught! And it’s fun for the kids! There’s colorful books with fun pictures and plots, fun shapes for each letter of the alphabet, and much more. There’s also guides for the parents/caretakers to help their child even further at home. Listed below is a program calendar, their official website, a few pictures of the program, and the founder of the program, Marion Waldman!

Here’s their official website!

The library also has many other programs for children of all ages! The library is such an amazing place to go to, you should go sometime! The programs can teach you something, or they can just be for fun! Go check it out! It will be worth it!