The Little Pumpkin


Hannah French, Sr.High Writer

The Little Pumpkin


Pumpkin, oh little pumpkin. 

Orange and round

With a little brown stem.

He went on an adventure today, 

And oh, what an adventure it was.


He went to the cemetery, 

Looking for his friend Jack.

He found him way in the back 

With a big wide grin on his face. 

He told the little pumpkin that 

He should go to the river.

So the little pumpkin went on his way.


When he got there

He walked along the river bend.

He ran into Gordon fishing in the river.

He was green and yellow, 

Looked like he was going to barf 

Watching those fish squirm on the hook.

Gordon told the little pumpkin to go to

The river deck, just upstream.


The little pumpkin found his way to the deck.

He hopped up on the rail,

And just sat and enjoyed the view.

He was glad he went on this 

Great adventure today. 

Oh what a day, little pumpkin.