An anthology pt.3

An anthology pt.3

Molly Oravsky, Sr.High Writer

baby yoda


why is he so cute

how did he capture the world’s attention

by existing

i want to



I walk through the door

And forgot why I was there


I wake up everyday

And go through the motions

Waiting for the future

Hoping to hit my goals

But what happens when I get there?




What if there were no endings?

And it was all circular?

What if I lost you

Just to circle back and find you again?

What if we die

Just to be born again?

What if I stopped loving you

Just to start loving you again?

What if the word “ending”

Wasn’t a real word?

What if we saw each other for the last time

Only to see each other again for the first time?

And what if all these endings

All led to another marvelous beginning?