The Top 10 Christmas Movies you need to Watch


Daniella Villano, Jr. High EMC Reporter

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. I love Christmas, and my favorite part is watching all of the Christmas movies. So here are my top ten Christmas movies you need to watch.

  1. Noelle– It’s on Disney,  and it is about a girl who becomes Santa Claus and helps make the world a better place. 2019
  2. Elf– It is a true classic–it is funny and great for family movie night. It is about an “elf” who is actually a human boy, who sets out to find his father.
  3. A Christmas Story–A young boy, Ralphie, and his family’s Christmas adventures. 1983
  4. Polar Express– It’s about a boy who takes a magical train to the North Pole where he meets Santa Claus. 2004
  5. Christmas Chronicles- It is about a brother and sister who help Santa Claus save Christmas after his sleigh breaks and the reindeer fly away. 2018
  6. The Grinch– A green monster who tries to ruin Christmas for all the people in “WhoVille”2018, 2000
  7. The Princess Switch– It is about a baker and princess that look exactly the same, and switch places to see what it would be like to be the other person. 2018
  8. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation– It is about a family and the string of bad events the endure to try to make a good Christmas for their family.
  9. The Santa Claus– This movie is about a guy who makes Santa fall of his roof and he puts on Santa’s suit and becomes the new Santa Claus.
  10. Home Alone– It is about a family who forgets one of their children when they are flying to France for Christmas. While the boy is home alone, he has to save his house from to people that are trying to rob it.