Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Addelayde Ross

Welcome back to school Eagle Nation! I hope that you had a wonderful first day! Here is an original poem I wrote called “School”


I wait as the yellow bus arrives with a whoosh at my doorstep

I climb the black stairs and look around for my name

There I am… way in the back

I think to myself—this can still be a good day

We arrive at school and the grades are called out

Yes, I’m not the last one off the bus

Next, I wander aimlessly down the hallway until I find my rusty, scratched up locker

I put in the code…nope, try again says my locker

So I try again and I get in


I look for my books for class and start walking towards homeroom

My teacher greets me with a big smile and says welcome back

When I walked into my class I knew it was going to be a good day