Meet Emily Smith, E-Way Intern


Emily Smith, E-Way Correspondent

My name is Emily Smith and I’m a senior this year in Galway! Throughout my high school career, I have been involved in Varsity volleyball and Varsity cheer leading. I started cheer leading my Freshman year and was on Varsity my Sophomore year. Also I played volleyball up until Junior year, Becoming 3rd in the state during the 2017 volleyball season was an experience I will never forget and is the highlight of my athletic experience in Galway.

After high school, I will be attending the University of Albany to major in either Marketing or Finance. I have taken business classes throughout high school such as Financial Accounting, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship to prepare me for my future studies. Mrs. Sitts has been such as great mentor to me this year in deciding my career path and if you have any interest in the business field I suggest getting her advice. My overall career goal is to have a job I love going to everyday and one that I can climb the corporate ladder in.

Being an intern at the E-way Cafe has been such a great experience. Working here gives you an idea of what being an entrepreneur would be like and teaches you skills you will need in the future. Working at the E-way has taught me many skills, but above all it has taught me time management and teamwork. Having to juggle making coffee and popcorn while working the register and also keeping a clean work space is no easy task, but it prepares you for future jobs and teaches you valuable skills. Working as a team to make the E-way the best it can be is so important and I’m so thankful I got to experience working here during my last year in Galway.