Meeting the Interns : Michael Zelezniak


I am Mike Zelezniak, currently I intern for Mr. Hayden in his physical education classes. In the future I plan to pursue a career in physical therapy; in the coming fall I will be attending college and continuing to play baseball. Being an athlete will always be a part of who I am, so if I can’t continue to play I’d like to continue to give back to other athletes in any way I can. In the future I would also like to coach, thus I decided to intern with Coach Hayden. I’m learning to find ways to help younger athletes and students enjoy sports to their fullest potential. Since my Freshman year I have been a part of two varsity programs, sadly that is coming to an end, however the love I found for sports stems deeper than simply kicking or throwing a ball. The friendships I have made will be there forever, even when I am no longer an athlete. Eventually I’d like to give other student athletes that same experience that I had. Through coaching in gym class I have learned that it’s not always about the sport that you play, but who you’re playing with.