Meet the Sports and Entertainment Marketing Class!

Meet the Sports and Entertainment Marketing Class!

The Business Department is offering a new class, Sports and Entertainment Marketing! This class will teach students about the marketing that goes into many different events that many of you have participated in. A lot of management, marketing, and communication go into events, and taking this class will offer you an outlook of job opportunities in this field. If you are interested in entertainment such as sports, vacations, concerts, festivals, and so much more, this class is for you! 

Meet the students taking Sports and Entertainment Marketing this fall! If you are interested in marketing and business, consider looking into this class next fall semester to learn more about marketing. 


Grace DeNisio

My name is Grace DeNisio. I am a Senior this year! I play Varsity soccer and am involved in many extracurricular activities such as, Eagles Media Center, E-Way, GTV and I am the Secretary of Class Office. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, writing, shopping, and going on trips. I love traveling and my goal is to travel abroad someday. New experiences are so exciting to me. Another one of my life goals is to also write a book!

I’ve had multiple jobs throughout high school, these include working for Bobs Trees, Cappies Restaurant, The Dugout and June’s Gift Boutique. Currently, I work at The Dugout, a local takeout restaurant. I can’t wait to graduate and I’m looking into attending SUNY Oneonta for a Business Administration major. I am hoping Oneonta’s business program provides me with a good foundation towards my future. I am very excited to see where college takes me! I hope to become successful in business and eventually run my own company. I have taken the required business classes that have given me the opportunity to graduate this June from the Business Pathway. This school year, I am looking forward to taking a new class through the business department, Sports Entertainment Marketing. Business courses have helped me a lot throughout high school and have given me the chance to figure out what I want to major in. I’m also participating in a Career Exploration Internship with our school’s Media Coordinator, Ms. Sullivan. My senior year has been pretty good so far and I’m excited for the new experiences this school year will bring me! 


Casey Clarke 

Hello, my name is Casey Clarke. I have been going to Galway for about 12 years now waiting to get these last two done. Sports have always been my thing, a thing that helped me carry confidence. Basketball was always my main thing that gave me the most joy out of playing. My height comes to my advantage a lot with basketball but I don’t let that be my only perk. I worked my first job this past summer. I worked at Lakeside Tavern & Marina as a host. I would sit people down at their table and that sort of made me bring out a bit of social skills. I was told to set every customer’s table and socialize with them to make them feel welcomed. Part of the job was to look at the sections in the restaurant and assign each table to a waiter which is sometimes a little bit of a pain to remember. The reason I got a job was to be able to pay off the car that I bought in July, I was very excited. Until the money came out. Covid definitely changed a lot for me in the past two and a half years. I grew about 4 inches or so since the start of it which makes me pretty happy. I worked a lot on basketball as soon as Covid started just to distract me from the hard time we were all going through at the start of it. At this point I hope it’s safe to say that Covid is basically over and we can return to our normal lives that we want to resume. I wasn’t a big fan of that two and a half year period but I am sure that anyone can agree with me that it did in fact, make us better human beings.  


Taylor Germain

Who am I? Well let me give you some hints. I am a sophomore in high school and am 15 years old. I am a three sport varsity athlete at Galway. Have a guess yet? Well, I want to be an architect and/or interior designer when I am older. Some of my hobbies include reading and painting. My favorite color is teal and I love listening to music. I don’t have a favorite animal, book, movie, food, song, or music artist. I participate in multiple extracurricular activities such as: Odyssey of The Mind, DoSomething Club, Class Officer, SADD and more. Guesses?

Probably like most people, I am not a huge fan of school. My friends, lunch, and health class get me through each and every school day. Do you have your own way of getting through a school day? I am a night owl so getting up this early for school is killing me on the spectrum of tiredness. Since I play varsity soccer, I have less time to do homework and sometimes it makes me overly stressed. On top of that I do not have a study hall. Do you feel stressed too?

It’s good to have a life outside of school so I usually lay in bed, watch TV and play on my phone during the weekends unless I have something going on. I’m not very productive, but after a long week of school, sports, and extracurricular activities I need to relax and unwind. Now, who am I?


Eli Tompkins 

My name is Eli Tompkins. I am a senior at Galway High School and am 17 years old. Some things that I love and enjoy doing are hunting, fishing, playing sports, and being outside. Ever since I was little, these things have been key parts of my life. Playing wiffle ball in the backyard, learning how to cast a fishing rod, and going hunting with my dad are some of my fondest memories growing up. I still play baseball and have recently found out how much I enjoy playing golf. I play both sports for school and play them outside of school. I enjoy playing travel ball every summer and getting to play with people that I don’t see everyday like I would with schoolball. I have always loved being outside no matter what I am doing. Being in the woods hunting or just walking around has made me love nature so much. For me, nothing beats the feeling of sitting up in my tree, standing out in the middle of the woods and having nothing to bother me or make me worry. I also love music. I’ve been playing the guitar for a few years now and have started to appreciate music so much more. This has made me like all different genres of music. Another thing extremely important to me are family and friends. They have always been a key part of my life, because they have helped me through some rough times in the past and always have my back. That is a brief summary of some things that I like and that are extremely important to my life.


Joey Devellis

Hello I’m Joey Devellis and the things important to me are sports. I’ve always been playing sports. The first sport I ever started playing was soccer. I started when I was 4 when I used to go to Waterford with my cousin who is the same age as me. We grew up playing soccer together. I played soccer year round and then when I was old enough to play t-ball I started that and I played those until I got to Galway I played soccer for my 4th-8th grade year on a travel team. After that I stopped playing for a year. I’m not quite sure why I stopped playing but I was more focused on baseball. Once 8th grade started playing basketball. I played baseball and really focused on it and practiced it alot and I started playing for school ball and then a travel team. Once my sophomore year came I didn’t sign up for soccer but after the first week of them playing they needed more players so the soccer coach asked me to play. I signed up and I pretty much picked up where I left off. I was a little rusty so it took me a while to get used to everything. The same year I played basketball the basketball team was iffy we didn’t really try hard. And we didn’t win many games.but we made sectionals and we lost in the first round. So then when I signed up for baseball I knew we were gonna have a pretty good team and I knew that we would make sectionals we played our first few games and we were undefeated and I knew we would be really good we only ended up losing to 2 teams which were canjo and fonda we played our first sectional game and I was really nervous and we ended up winning. Then we went to play Duanesburg at Joe Bruno stadium. We ended up winning that game then I was really hyped that we won the Class C championship. Then we played Chatham for the CC championship and ended up losing. I was upset but it was only my sophomore year so we can come back and do it again the next year after only losing one starter after all of that. That’s the thing I care about the most.


Gavin O’Neil

My name is Gavin O’Neil, I’m from Galway, New York. I have lived here for 12 years. For the other 5 years I lived in Hagaman which is not far from Galway. Activities I take part in are Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Basketball, Baseball and Band. Hunting and fishing were activities that I took part in from a very young age since many of my family members took part in them as well. Basketball is another thing that I have been involved in since I was young because my father and his brothers were players for Galway when they went to highschool. This year will be my 8th year playing organized basketball and even though it will be my last year playing for school I will still continue to play in my free time. I played baseball in little league then left and decided to return in 7th grade because a lot of my friends were on the team and thought I should play. I started Band in the 5th grade and decided to play the Tuba because Mr barrow believed It would be the best fit for me. I’m going on my 8th year of Band and have experienced mostly all the options available to me in it. I’ve played NYSSMA for multiple years and have played in All county band. I also was involved in Boyscouts for 10 years and had many experiences in my time there. We traveled to Canada many times and went on week-long trips. I have some of the best memories from my time there and hope they continue to run it like when I was a kid.


Carson Eagan

My name is Carson Eagan and I am 16 years old. I recently started driving this summer which I have been waiting for for a while. I will get my official license over Christmas break and my parents are a little worried but also excited for me. My family has always been very important to me throughout my whole life. We have always stuck together and been there for each other when we needed it. As with any family, there are arguments at times but my parents have instilled in us that at the end of the day we will always be family. Friends are another thing that I hold dearest to my heart. I love being able to hangout with them and have fun times and laugh together. Some of my best friends are those that I have been close to since kindergarten. My best friends are  also  who I have made the most memories with that I will remember for the rest of my life. Some of us have grown apart over the years but I am still extremely close to a solid group. As for more of my personal life, I am very involved in sports. I play basketball, baseball, and soccer for the school and I also golf with my friends in my free time. Sports are a way for me to relieve stress and anxiety and also a way to have fun with my friends. I am a huge competitor and all I want to do is win so sports help me use that mentality on the court or field. As well as playing sports, I also watch sports whenever they are on. My favorite sports to watch are football, baseball, basketball, and hockey but I also watch UFC with my dad and tennis with my grandma. Sports have always been a huge part of my life and they will continue to be as I am looking to major in sports marketing management in college. I have always looked into which colleges have the best sports programs and which ones best fit me. I love to go watch professional sports in person as well.  I have been lucky enough to go to see the NY Giants, NY Mets and NY Knicks.  Another way I like to relieve stress is through music. I listen to all types of music like rap, rock, and hip hop. However my favorite would have to be country music. I listen to music upwards of 3 hours everyday and I can’t go anywhere without my headphones. My favorite artist would have to be Morgan Wallen because I listened to all of his songs and I went to his concert at SPAC over summer. There were about 29,000 people that attended so I really enjoyed seeing my favorite singer live. Music can pump me up or even calm me down-that is why I enjoy it. As for my job, I work at a farm 2 houses down from me so it has been really convenient to just ride my 4-wheeler down when I need to work. For the most part I do a lot of the yard work such as mow the lawn and help out with the plants. I enjoy it down there because my brother works with me and my sister did too until she went to college. Overall, I know I am pretty lucky to live the life I live.


Brian Brink

Hello my name is Brian Brink. I am a student at Galway Central School District. I am currently deciding what I want to do after high school. I’m very nervous for the future because I really hate school and would hate to go to college or even a trade school. But at the end of the day if it improves my life and my job availability that much then i’m going to have to suck it up and just do it. At the moment I’m highly interested in HVAC. I’m currently deciding if I want to go to a trade school next year so I can learn more about it and learn how to do the work. I think a trade school would further my chances of getting a good job by teaching me everything I need to know about the trade. By going to a trade school I also have the chance to continue playing baseball which is one of the most important parts of my life. I am typically focused on baseball all year round because I do love the sport and enjoy every aspect of it. Baseball has always been a big part of my life and has taught me many valuable life lessons. One of these lessons is that no matter how hard life or something gets, it is important to never give up and continue pushing forward in order to improve. I have been reminded of this every year and I have to remind myself of it to keep on going and improve in every aspect.

I feel as if I’m running out of time to get my life together. I’m running out of time to decide what I want to do, if I want to go to a trade school or get a job and hope for the best. I feel like I’m running out of time to play the one of the only things that keeps me going. Hopefully I make the right decision and my life doesn’t go downhill.


Josh Lovelass

My name is Josh Lovelass and I’m a senior. I have lived in Galway my whole life and spent my childhood playing all types of sports. I played basketball, baseball, golf, and soccer. I still play basketball, baseball, and golf and I am interested in some type of job in the business side of the sports world. I plan to go to college and major in sports management. I started off at Galway in Kindergarten, and then after that year I went homeschooled for 2 years. I was homeschooled in an office at the Galway Market because my Dad and Grandfather owned it. Then after 2 years, I went back to school, but instead of coming back in 3rd grade, I came back in 4th. Now I’m here. When I’m not in school, I enjoy playing sports and being with my friends. I play basketball, baseball, and golf. Right now it’s golf season and we are 4-1. I hope that we finish the season with a good record and that I make it past the first few rounds of sectionals. A lot of the time for fun my friends and I just go to Walmart and mess around. I hope that all of my other sport’s seasons go well this year and that we are successful. I’m glad to be in this sports and entertainment management class. It is going to be fun, and hopefully I learn a lot. 


Eric Zelezniak 

My name is Eric Zelezniak and I am a senior at Galway Jr/Sr High school. My plans for the future are to attend SUNY Plattsburgh to play baseball and major in Business administration, I also would like to possibly major in marketing as well. After college I would like to get a job in operations management but staying in the world of sports has always been a dream of mine. I have played baseball my whole life and have played at pretty much every level possible. During my 3 years on varsity baseball I have achieved 2 first team honors, league MVP, a league title, and a sectional title. I have played travel baseball since I was 8 in very competitive leagues. Along with baseball I also am going into my 3rd year of varsity golf. In my first two years I received 2 second team all star awards, placed 3rd in the league cup, and made a sectional appearance last year. I am graduating on the business pathway and have taken every available opportunity to learn more about the business world. The business programs gave me the opportunity to intern with the Amsterdam Mohawks in the operations department. During my internship I learned a lot about dealing with fans, sponsorships, and the many on/off field duties that come with running a very successful business. Along with the internship I was able to work many hours in the Eway Cafe´ where I waited on customers, ran the cash register, and worked with vendors to order supplies. The business pathway is something I highly recommend to anyone interested in pursuing a career in business. 


Jackson Flint

My name is Jackson Flint and I’m a student at Galway High School. I am 1 of 4 boys in what many would consider a big family. My brothers and cousins have attended Galway over the years and some still actively attend Galway. For my junior year, I have set many goals for both my academic and athletics. I am a member of both the Galway Varsity Baseball and Basketball teams in which I am hopeful for very successful seasons. As for my academics, I look forward to challenging myself this upcoming year with numerous honors and college courses. I actively participate in the Student Senate and have hopes of becoming a member of the National Honor Society. Despite excelling in other subjects, I have narrowed it down to what general major I would like to pursue at a university. In school, I have taken interest in business, and specifically sports and entertainment management/marketing. I would like to continue down this path of business by attending a 4-year college and getting a business degree. From there, I would like to market for a major college or professional sports program. Personally, I am a huge sports fan and am really passionate about the little intricacies of the business. Football happens to be my favorite sport, and the New York Giants are by far my favorite team. With this said, my dream job would have to be working in the marketing department for the New York Giants. This year, I look forward to building and growing myself to where I can allow myself to chase my dreams in the future.


Evan King 

My name is Evan King, I am 17 years old. I live and also go to school in Galway, New York and I am the youngest of three, 2 older brothers. In total I have lived in New York for a whopping 9 years, I’ve gone to Galway for 4 years and the other 5 years I went to Burnt Hills. In my free time I like to do a bunch of different things like Fishing, hunting, hanging out with friends, and even though I’m not much of a sporty person I enjoy watching and playing them and also working. For example, I love hunting and fishing. I have been doing these things for just about my whole life. Throughout the years of hunting and fishing I’ve continued to learn something new each year and will continue to do so. Working with one of my brothers is also something I have been doing throughout my life. Every summer I go up for a 2 week period and help him out. I run a Skid Steer, excavator and all the tools he has up there. Usually we are a good working combo and we get work done as it comes out looking very good. Hanging out with friends is something I do all the time. When we do hang out we normally fool around, drive around and just hang out at each other’s houses. All good memories to look back at. Sports is also something that I have enjoyed a lot throughout my life. Even though I haven’t played on a sports team at school I’ve always enjoyed playing sports in the gym or at school.