Watch this! The Lords of The Rings Trilogy

Watch this! The Lords of The Rings Trilogy

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Have you ever heard of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy? This is a movie trilogy. You’ve might have heard of The Hobbit movies too. Well the LOTR is based on it. In the LOTR there are 13 dwarves and Bilbo Baggins they go on different types of quests and they have fun along the way.

I have read The Hobbit, but not this series. My dad is the one who showed me the movies for the first time. During the movies the dwarves encounter obstacles and enemies along the way, but they always find a way to get through.

Overall this is a very good movie series and I would highly recommend it to all ages. It’s a family movie. This movie series might take awhile but they are a very good flicks. I liked all of them in general and I really liked the costumes.

I would rate the series as a 9/10.  Also this movie can be found on basic streaming apps such as Peacock, HBO Max, and Netflix.