how to make annoying tasks fun

I always think about how I am constantly busy doing things I don’t even like. For starters, work, school, SAT prep; what is my goal? Why am I cramming my teenage years with misery and stress? 

As a society, somehow we came to the conclusion that you need to get an education, which costs a fortune may I add, and stress your teenage years away doing work, making money, planning your future; all for what? A 9-5 desk job? I always had this mentality and I constantly still have thoughts like this. 

It wasn’t until I realized that what I’m doing might make me miserable, but I should still find small happy things around it. Sometimes I’ll have a 6 hour shift at work after school on a friday night and I dread it, but when I get there, maybe there’s a nice sunset, or I’m working with my favorite co- workers that night. I’ll have hours of SAT prep, but I’ll actually enjoy some of the readings or I’ll think about how good it will feel to have it done. Just overall finding small good things.

I understand that this is easier said than done, as I said I still have some of these thoughts. But if you slowly start to incorporate small good things, you will appreciate them so much more, and make doing these annoying tasks just a little more enjoyable.