Why People Don’t Wear Their Masks Correctly: My Theories


Kailey Jankowski, Sr.High Writer

Why is it so hard for some people to properly wear a mask? This question has been lingering in my head since the mask mandate began to grow. I have observed that it was well respected last year, but this year it was more looked down upon. The following are my theories on why people don’t wear masks correctly.

  1. Their friends are wearing them wrong so they feel weird wearing them correctly.

This is the most common reason I have seen. I’ve noticed that in general, friend groups tend to agree on mask mandates and how they feel about them. So I come to the conclusion that their opinion shows on the level of how much mask is covering their nose and mouth. I almost find it ironic that the majority of non-mask wearers are also athletes. Athletes tend to have stronger lungs, they should be able to wear a mask that has very little breathing resistance compared to what they are used to. Once, I even walked into a place with my friend and a classmate, and the masks were optional, but we all agreed to wear them. The classmate saw their friends right when they walked in and took off their mask. This is where this theory of mine originated.

  1. They think they are too good for masks

This might sound ridiculous, but I have heard this excuse from many people. I feel like they think Covid is going to stay away from them and that their family could never die. This is extremely wrong and overall, kind of scary for them. Are they going to drive dangerously because they’re immune to car crashes too? The logic doesn’t make any sense. 

  1. They don’t care about the wellbeing of other people

This one gives me the least faith in humanity. This even passes onto other things like respecting pronouns that people ask them to respect. It’s a simple concept and an even more simple thing to do, yet some people still don’t do it. Yet this is arguably the most difficult thing to change, as this goes against someone’s mentality and their way of thinking. Which, even if you make an amazing point and they could even admit that it’s better, they still are very unlikely to step down from their closed- minded mentalities. 

  1. They don’t believe that Covid is real/ masks are useless

I’ve heard so many people say that the CDC is lying and Covid isn’t real. My jaw drops when I hear this because the CDC takes the information each state gives them and comes up with an overall report. Also, they act like there aren’t checks and balances in the medical field to check their work, as if the country would have one lab researching something and have one lab only. They have multiple, and if you would like to complain, blame your governors. They are the ones submitting the information to the CDC. Even the CDC themselves say that face masks are 70% effective in enclosed buildings, which during times of increase, is 70% less cases of Covid.

Obviously, these are all just the theories of my brain and what I can comprehend. If you wear your mask incorrectly, feel free to send me an email and let me know why, maybe I could update my theories. [email protected]