Our Experience with Covid


Daniella Villano, Jr. High EMC Reporter

One of my mom’s co-workers recently got COVID, so that meant my mom had to quarantine and get tested for COVID. The test came back positive. She found out the day before her birthday (January 14th).

It became pretty hectic around here quickly and I experienced  A LOT of emotions.


I love going to school and I take a lot of pride in my work, so it really sucked when I couldn’t go. Teachers are constantly having classes, and on the days where you’re not in school the other group of kids is, so you can’t really meet with them. But with my math class, I ended up having a Google Meet with the one of the all virtual groups. That really helped because it gave me an opportunity to actually see other people and ask questions.

🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️I have a family of 4, my brother Thomas Villano, and my parents. I also live in a pretty small house for four people,  so its’s really hard to stay safe because we don’t have a lot of room to spread out and stay away from each other.  My mom had the whole basement to herself for about a week, but before she knew she had COVID, she was constantly moving around touching everything, and not being cautious, so when she was positive we are always right behind her cleaning EVERYTHING she could have possibly touched.  We recently just got furniture, and my brother and I weren’t allowed on the couch because that’s where she had been sleeping , and we obviously didn’t want to get sick.

It was also hard just to be stuck in my house all day. I am normally pretty active and always going to my friends’ houses. So it’s really hard to just stop being able to do all that.  Also being inside with the same people constantly is SO HARD. I always found myself getting annoyed so easily, at stupid things I would have never even noticed.

A fun thing we did while my mom was in quarantine was for her birthday we had her on a zoom call so we could all “eat together.”  It was really fun and we ended up doing it a few more times.

It was clearly a strange time, but it wasn’t all that bad, because at least I had my family, and no one else got sick.