Mental Health Statistics from 2021

Mental Health Statistics from 2021

Mental Health Statistics from 2021 that everyone should keep in mind:

  1. 17% of teenagers have contemplated committing suicide
  2. 14% of teenagers misuse prescription drugs
  3. 19% have reported a level of bullying that has made them not want to attend school
  4. 50% of all lifelong mental afflictions begin at age 14
  5. 13.84% of all American youth report having a major depressive episode, 9.7% have severe major depression, and of this 9.7% approximately 54% did not receive adequate care for it
  6. 7.6% of private insurance plans for children in the U.S. do not cover mental health care
  7. Suicide is the 4th leading cause of death for 15-19 year olds
  8. 1 in every 7 children around the globe in estimated to experience a mental health disorder
  9. Approximately 10% of teenagers aged 12-17 are diagnosed with anxiety
  10. 22% of children below the federal poverty level have a mental, developmental, or behavioral disorder

Speak up. These numbers are only going to go up unless we all do something. Raise awareness, and help those around you who are struggling. Be kind to everyone, you have no idea what they are going through. Everyone can do something, regardless of who you are, to help with this crisis.


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