Pets of Galway 3 – Gilbert

Molly Ryan, EMC Co-Editor

The third Pet!

Gilbert is a 2-year-old Japanese Harlequin rabbit. His favorite food is rabbit food, but he’s also a big fan of hay, leaves from outside, and, for some reason, electrical cables. He enjoys eating, sleeping, running around loudly at 2 A.M., growling at the broom and dustpan, and chasing the cats out of his room. It’s nice to pick him up because of how soft he is, and he likes to lay in people’s laps, but he also sheds a lot and loves to climb all over you. He’s quite fat since he loves to eat, and he’ll growl at you if you don’t feed him quickly enough. He even bites on occasion! A few of my friends aren’t big fans of Gilbert because they think that he’s a little scary and rude, but deep down inside, he’s a good rabbit with a few strange personality quirks.

Pet Owner – Molly Ryan