Animal testing

For my Special Topics Health advocacy project I had to figure out what cosmetics were tested on animals. Did you know most people’s cosmetics are tested on animals? And not just cosmetics are tested on animals; shampoos, conditioners, and soaps are also tested on innocent animals.

As I looked on I found this page that said steal your friend’s cosmetics, to get people to think about this issue. The idea is that they will in turn steal someone else’s cosmetics and so on…to make people think and make a change.

I decided to steal my friend Jennifer Rumsey’s cosmetics from her house. She was very upset, until I told her that she needs to do it to someone else so she can get her shampoo and makeup back. I wrote a note to her explaining that they were animal tested products, and she should do this to another friend before she could get them back.

I hope this led to a chain reaction. I’m hoping this will show people that innocent animals such as dogs, cats, rats, mice, bunnies, and also monkeys are being abused and put to their death in an awful way. Something must be done.