Pets of Galway

The Fifth Pet!


Siela Zembsch , EMC Staff Writer

Three years ago, my dad decided he needed a new dog. We spent the day hounding local shelters, but to no avail. Just when we thought we were barking up the wrong tree, a lady mentioned, almost as an afterthought, that she knew a family with a dog that had grown much too big for their house. We went to see this dog right away. As soon as his tri-colored nose poked out of the doorway, we knew he was perfect!

Toby was mistaken for a beagle as a puppy. I mean, it’s an understandable mistake; he looks like a beagle and acts like one, too. I guess the only noticeable difference between the two would be his 95 pounds, but when that difference is sitting on your lap it becomes a bit more (glaringly) obvious.

Today, as a still-energetic 7-year old, Toby happily resides at our dad’s farm in Bainbridge. His days are divided between keeping the local chipmunks at bay, digging for chipmunks, begging for food, and being simply adorable. He’s such a lovable pup!