Senioritis: How Bad Does It Really Get?

Senioritis: How Bad Does It Really Get?

Kailey Jankowski, Sr. High Staff Writer

I am officially half way through senior year, so how bad does Senioritis really get?


 I have been looking forward to college for years. The freedom of meeting new diverse people, getting more perspectives on life, more independence. It all sounded great. It really put highschool into the past, and with everything so exciting just around the corner, the present starts to feel tedious.


When I say I have Senioritis, I get a lot of comments like “I’ve had it since Freshman year”! Let me tell you, it gets more severe as a Senior. From stopping about caring in your outfits to showing up later, Senioritis is very real. This year has felt like forever and a minute at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, once I go out I don’t think I will ever look back. But changes are always scary because they are uncomfortable, and that is all that college is. A big change. 


Senioritis has also concluded in me getting snappier. Even at work I get frustrated about really small things, which never really happened previously. I’m struggling with the notion of “Well, these people won’t even remember me in 5 years, so why should I hold back”? Not the best mindset to have, and I definitely can see how it has shifted my life.


At the same time, I can tell I am standing up for myself more. Which I am really proud of, as I have struggled with this previously. I have never really had the courage to do so, but I have found that doing it comes with great benefits. 


Senioritis is a blessing and a curse, and I cannot wait to graduate in the Spring.