2020-21 Impressions Wrap-Up

Sam Webb-Horvath

This year’s Impressions magazine has been printed and is on its way to the school! We received an outstanding 450 submissions with 111 others already waiting to be reviewed for next year. We’ve accepted roughly half of those 450. The magazine should be available to those interested soon. 

Our adviser, Ms. O’Brien-Yetto, stated, “We are amazed by the depth of the creativity of our students, and so glad they have shared it with us and with their school community.”

Our senior editor, Ari Persaud, has said “Though this year hasn’t been ideal, I am so proud of our staff and members this year. I’d just like to say thank you all for submitting works, helping create the magazine, and making this year more than bearable. I really enjoyed my position as Lead Editor, and am extremely proud of our finished product! I wish the best for the future of Impressions.”

This year, like many of our years before, we are giving out awards to our favorite authors and artists. We give out prizes for the categories of Prose, Poetry, Art, and Photography. This is done through staff members nominating their favorite pieces and the club as a whole voting for who gets top place. Winners receive a small prize and a certificate acknowledging their achievement. There are also honorable mentions given out.

This year’s piece acknowledged for Excellence in Prose was I Am a Love Letter by Sam Webb-Horvath. You can watch him reading it here.

The honorable mention for Prose was a tie between Letter to the Universe by Sam Webb-Horvath and Transplanted Flowers by Sara Conti. You can watch Sam read his here and Sara read hers here

The piece chosen for Excellence in Poetry was Anubis’ Scale by Breanna Reynolds. You can see me read it here

The honorable mention for Poetry was Press On by Anna Dabrowski. You can see her reading it here

Julia Reedy has won Excellence in Art with her jellyfish drawing that you can see here

Ari Persaud got an honorable mention for art for a drawing of frogs on top of mushrooms that you can see here

Riya Randall was honored for Excellence in Photography, you can see her piece here

Sydney Mariani was our honorable mention for photography, you can see her piece here

We look forward to seeing more student pieces next year! To submit to Impressions send your writing, art, and/or photography to [email protected].