The Little Things in Life


Ryan Ripepi, EMC Staff Writer

All too often we take the little things in our life for granted, especially when we’re young. We think we have the rest of our lives to live and see the world that surrounds us. But with this mindset, we often forget to pause and take in the true beauty of the moments we are in right now. It’s important to reflect on the amazing aspects of our lives that bring so much joy and happiness.

“And they keep asking me where happiness can be found, but I’m no longer trying to find happiness. I just appreciate where I am and the happiness finds me” – Soyen

This quote I came across has empowered me to live in the now. It has taught me that the experiences and opportunities that life gives me will push me to focus on the moments I’m presented with and be grateful for where I am today. 

Here’s a list of some of the little things in life that make me happy:

  1. Sunrises & sunsets
  2. The song “Over the Rainbow”
  3. Making other people happy 
  4. The first bite of a piece of carrot cake 
  5. Talking about Star Wars with my boy friends 
  6. Strangers complimenting me
  7. First smell of pine when you bring the Christmas tree into the house
  8. Blasting music in the car filled with friends, screaming the lyrics
  9. Late night trips to restaurants with friends 
  10. Singing the lyrics to a certain song to someone, or getting sung to 
  11. My team cheering on the bench after I make a 3 pointer 
  12. Making last minute plans that turned out to be amazing
  13. My dad playing Christmas music on the piano when it’s not Christmas
  14. When I receive flowers (I love flowers)
  15. When people show how much they really care about you 
  16. Being able to help others
  17. When I get the email that my package finally arrived 
  18. Running across my backyard to grab the outdoor furniture cushions when it’s starting to rain
  19. When my dad starts food fights at the table 
  20. Thinking “I never want to leave this moment” while you’re still  in the moment 
  21. Laughing at inside jokes and other people being so confused 
  22. My boy friends mocking my slang and the way I say things 
  23. Light blue eyes
  24. When you smile and look at someone and they’re already smiling and looking at you
  25. When people like my music/compliment it


What are some of the little things in life that bring you joy? Leave a note in the Comments below!