3 fun things to do on a mask break


Addelayde Ross, Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

  1. Play baseball.   You may be thinking, “How could I possibly be playing baseball during a mask break?” Well, it’s possible. I just started doing it with my friends. While you social distance, have one person bunch up a leaf in their hands and pitch it to another person. Give that person 3 tries to hit it with their “bat.”  You can put your hands together and your arms up to create the ultimate “bat.” Rotate through your friend group until everyone else has batted. Then choose a new pitcher and enjoy! Have a lot of fun!
  2. Try not to laugh. You and your friends can say funny jokes or act out comical scenes from a movie. See who can last the longest!
  3.  Charades. Well…. we all know the classic game of charades. Act out something: a clock, a dog, your little sister, etc. The possibilities are endless

When you are not taking a break from wearing your mask, consider taking a photo of you in your cooliest one and emailing it to Mrs. Decker or Mrs. O to be featured on www.eaglesmediacenter.com.