The Seniors share future plans

Rachel Germain, EMC Staff Writer

Congratulations to all of the seniors…We did it! We persevered through such a crazy time. We continued to complete our online school work, attend Google Meets and much more. We definitely missed out on a lot of traditional senior activities, but the staff at Galway worked hard to make sure we had a great end to our senior year. We have signs at the end of our driveways, a senior luncheon, a movie night, a personal graduation, a reverse parade and we have a graduation (even if it’s not the traditional one). Thank you to all of the staff that helped set all of this up!

I wish all of the seniors good luck with their future endeavors! I also wish all of the new freshmen good luck! High school will definitely fly by, make the most of it!

In addition, I want to thank the teachers at Galway (from elementary to high school) and the staff for all that they do. Teachers, you impact the lives of every student and help shape them. To all of the other staff, we couldn’t have a school without you. Thank you all so much, you are what makes Galway, well Galway!

Galway has been my home since pre-school and it will always be my home. I am sad to be leaving but I will be back to visit! My favorite thing about Galway is that we are a small, tight knit community. 

Here are the plans of 37 members of the Senior Class!