A strange debate: Ramen–is it a soup or a noodle?

Quick sketch provided by 7th grader Kyle Schneider

Quick sketch provided by 7th grader Kyle Schneider

Ethan Dabrowski and Simon Evans

Ethan: Good day, Galway (that rhymes). I am here with Simon Evans to discuss the most controversial question sparked by two 7th graders that were bored. Is Ramen considered noodles or soup?

Simon: It’s obviously a soup.

Ethan: I will be proving it’s a noodle and as you already read, Simon says it’s a soup.

Ethan: For starters it is a noodle because when you buy it, it is n a package not a can show it has no water, showing the water is there too cook it not to 

Simon: Tomato Soup doesn’t come with water in it. It’s a paste but it is still a soup when you boil it

Ethan: That is because tomato soup does not need water to boil because it is liquidy enough.

Simon: OK but what would be the point of the broth seasoning if it’s not a soup?

Ethan: The purpose is to flavor the noodles because the water soaks into the noodle and takes the seasoning with it.

Simon: The broth still makes it a soup.


Ethan: I’m sorry simon but I have to pull out the ultimate trump card.

It’s time.

Would you say when you get a solid block of Ramen that it is  in fact a solid block of Ramen.


Simon: Yes


Ethan: So you would agree that the contents that make up the solid block of Ramen is in fact the Ramen?

Simon: Yes


Ethan: That implies that the block of Ramen is in fact a Ramen noodle.



Ethan wins. Ramen is in fact a noodle.