Wagging tales

Isabella Hart, EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Dogs are amazing creatures.  They are compassionate, loyal companions.  I have the joy of caring for three special friends here in Galway: Sydney, Penny and Nissa.  Sydney is a yellow lab, and Penny and Nissa are Brittany Spaniels.

Taking care of them is fun but challenging because of their different personalities.  Nissa is the youngest and all over the place.  Penny isn’t always exactly on the lawn–she tends to roam in to the tall grass hunting for animals.  Sydney is the oldest and is usually good about staying in one location.

I appreciate that they listen to me when I am trying to keep them safe or simply enjoying their presence.  They comfort me when I’m upset.

I’ve learned a couple things during the process of being their sitter.  Time, routine, and food matters.  If I don’t turn over their dog bowls full at the expected time, Sydney will let me know it.  Also, keep them busy.  They like to be active and need to be.  Lastly, they have taught me to be more gentle and optimistic.