Talking with Coach Glenn

Anna Dabrowski, EMC Staff Writer

What was your favorite moment the whole season?

Honestly, the whole season. Everyone worked hard and as a team. There was no drama and the team had great chemistry.

What are you going to miss about the seniors (Hannah Hofmann, Aila Bishop, Anna Gardner and Leah Willbrant)?

Brief Pause…. It’s just going to be really hard not having some of them around. They are truly great leaders. I’ve had some of them for four years so it’s just going to be really hard.

What was the greatest adversity that the team has overcome?

Our youth and lack of experience when playing bigger teams/games.

How’d you overcome that adversity?

We came together and played as a team, not just for the individual, and stayed focused on the common goal.

What was the highlight of the weekend?

Just being there in general, the State Banquet was also very special to attend.

Was there a specific play in which the girls really showed you that the girls were giving the games everything they had?

They showed me their all the whole day. One specific play was when Katy dived into the hockey boards to try and get a ball. (reader should note that the state games took place on the hockey rink at the Civic Center). 

What are you looking forward to with the team next year?

Most of the same group is coming back! We have a lot of stuff to work on with the same core group, but we are going to try to make a run of it again. Weight Room workouts are going to start up in December!