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Human Rights: Food insecurity


According to Google, human rights are the moral principles or norms for certain standards of human behavior and are regularly protected by municipal and international law. There are many cases of human rights abuses in the world; one of those cases is hunger and it has been prevalent throughout the world for centuries. One country that still struggles with hunger to this day is the United States of America. The number of hungry people in the U.S. is on the rise and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. What could be done to make those numbers start to decrease again?

Many people in the U.S. struggle with food insecurity.  In New York City alone 34 million people, including more than 9 million children, are food insecure and don’t know where their next meal is coming from. This is a very alarming stat since that’s just New York City and not the whole country. Hunger can also lead to people being more likely to develop chronic diseases. They are also more likely to experience malnutrition which can cause stunting. 

Looking for a way to help out our community with hunger, look no further than right inside of your own school. The backpack program inside of our school helps families in need get the food or essential supplies they need. The backpack program always needs money and supplies so if you would like to donate that would be much appreciated. Another place you can donate is the local food pantry. The local food pantry is always in need of food or volunteers so if you could donate food or your time that would also be greatly appreciated. Hunger is a very extreme issue and needs more people to be aware of it and take action. 

Hunger and food insecurity have been ongoing issues for centuries and it’s only getting worse. People need to do everything they can and donate when they can to help out the less fortunate. People have the right to all basic necessities and basic human rights and people need to be sure that those rights are met for all.

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