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Welcome, Senor Jensen

Senor Jensen!

The new Spanish teacher, Mr.  Jensen,  has been a teacher for 16 years. He taught at Saint Mary’s Institute in Amsterdam.  He has taught more than Spanish too; he used to teach social studies as well. He currently also teaches college level courses at Schenectady Community College.

He went to the University of Washington Seattle and Sage NY in Troy. Even though he has taught close to here and went to graduate college close by, he loves to travel to Europe every summer. His favorite part of Europe is probably Sweden. He loves it so much that if he wasn’t a teacher he would be a tour guide.

He loves 80’s music and the color royal blue.

His favorite part of Galway is the people.  

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About the Contributors
Emma M., EMC Jr. High Staff Writer
Emma M. is 13 years old. Her favorite food is a hot turkey sandwich. She is on the modified volleyball team, travel volleyball, modified basketball, travel basketball, travel softball, the school's softball team, EMC, treasurer of Student Senate, and yearbook. Her birthday was October 28, 2010 at 5:10pm.  Her favorite color is purple. She is in accelerated math and advanced science and she isn't scared of anything. Some may say she is fearless.
Grace D., EMC Jr. High Staff Writer
Grace D. is interested in volleyball, participating in Student Senate, and writing for emc. She is an 8th grader and she has a great sense of humor.  When she grows up, she wants to be tall. Grace also wants to be a substitute  teacher for pre k - 9 but not 4th grade because they are aggressive and scary.  If she was a superhero, she would want to have the power to teleport. 

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