Meet Ms. Martin, 7th grade English student teacher

Mariska Leszczynski, Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

If you’re in 7th grade or walk around this hallway, you would know we have a student teacher,Ms. Martin!  Here are some details about her! 

 Me: What grade and where do you want to teach?

Ms.Martin: Between 10th and 12 in New York 

 Me:What do you enjoy teaching at Galway? 

Ms.Martin: I have learned so much from the students. I like that you have smaller classes so I can learn and engage with you. During my first lesson talking about the adult brainm I remember Kiernan made me feel old by saying adults worry about back pain. Also I remember in 7th period when we recited poems, Charles did a  great job with cheering people on. 

Me: What are the challenges of being a teacher? 

Ms.Martin:Trying to make sure everyone is one the same page 

Me: Do you have anything you would do differently with the curriculum? 

Ms.Martin: I would like more flexibility for students to explore their interests.

Me: How long have you wanted to be a teacher?

Ms.Martin: Since about sophomore year of high school. One of my teachers made me feel bad about my writing, so I thought we needed more positive teachers.   

Me: Is there anything you would love to do in the future?

Ms.Martin:Start a random act of kindness club. 

Me: Is there a book you would want us to read this year?

Ms.Martin: The Hate you Give  

Me: What subject would you give yourself an A+ in and what subject would you give yourself an F in. Why?

Ms.Martin: I would give myself an A in math because I tried really hard even if I didn’t understand it. I would give myself an F in history/social studies because I was always talking to my friends