SleeP Deprivation

Hannah French, EMC Staff Writer

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Sleep deprivation means you aren’t getting enough sleep. I constantly only get 2-5 hours of sleep. Yes it might be a part of me procrastinating until about 8:30 to start my homework. I also tend to be more awake when I get less sleep so therefore I don’t think it is a problem, but I have been told otherwise. On the second day I got back to school it started my addiction, I liked staying up late. I am more awake at night so therefore I can focus more on things like homework, and it makes me feel more lively in the morning. Now I act like it is a competition and time myself to see if I can get a lower time than the last. The least amount of sleep I have gotten is 90 minutes, and I am proud of that. I don’t know why I am proud of that, I just am. It probably isn’t healthy or sane for that matter. Then I started bragging about it to my friends and they were like, “WHAT? HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO THAT? HOW ARE YOU ALIVE? HOW ARE YOU FUNCTIONING?” I would get bombarded with those questions and then I realized it isn’t normal. I have always gone to bed later, but only at like midnight and then this year I started going to bed later and later. I still don’t think it is a problem for me but that might just be me not wanting to admit that have a problem. SO, me not wanting to admit it, I have made the conclusion that school leads to sleep deprivation because the reason the majority of the time is to finish all of my homework. Yes, I probably would go to bed earlier if I started right when I get home after my sports practices, but I don’t so I go to sleep late. Will I try and get more sleep from now on? No. Should I? Yes. If I don’t have a lot of homework and I possibly get it all done at school , will I still stay up to watch Netflix because that is the only time I can watch television? Yes. Should I? No. I also probably should have learned my lesson the countless times I would fall asleep doing homework but I didn’t. So I will most likely continue to deprive myself of sleep. And Fun Fact: I can run on only 2 hours of sleep for 48 hours.