4-H Representation at Galway


Eben Perkins, EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Being a member of a 4-H club offers opportunities for public speaking, learning more about animals, bonding as a community, and taking on different leadership roles.  Several students, including myself,  are in in a 4-H club. Our club name is the Galway Growers and here’s some facts about a couple of our members.

How long have you been in 4-H?

Chris Maher: 8 years

Rainn McMillan: 1 year

Colin Anderson: 8 years

I have been in it for 8 years.


What farm animals do you have?

Chris Maher: Horses, chickens, and rabbits

Rainn McMillan: horses

Colin Anderson: Chickens, beef cows, sheep, and rabbits

I have chickens and rabbits


How did you get involved in 4h?

Chris Maher: Having animals, and having an association with Colin.

Rainn McMillan: Colin’s dad.

Colin Anderson: My cousin showed chickens, so I was always at the fair, and I loved it.

I got involved through Colin as well.


What is your favorite part of 4h?

Chris Maher: Going to the fair, having friends there that I knows.

Rainn McMillan: I like showing.

Colin Anderson: Fitting (preparing) animals

I really love wandering around and seeing all the different people and all the different animals.


Have you shown anything at the fair and if so, what?

Chris Maher: Chickens and horses

Rainn McMillan: Not yet.

Colin Anderson: Chickens, sheep, beef cows, rabbits, guinea pigs

I have shown chickens, rabbits, plants, photos, and other assorted projects.


This past Sunday the club made birdhouses to benefit the library.