This Week in Galway: What Makes Galway Unique???

Sam Grant and Josh Rumsey

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Hey there Galwanians!! This week’s article features interesting aspects about Galway that make it truly one of a kind. We asked some people what their thoughts were:


Mr. Tripp: “It is unique because it is very personal. It’s like a small little family. People may complain about how small Galway is, but it is nice to have the ability to know everyone. I feel like I can say I know almost every student grade 7-12, which I like. I know some things about each person, which is helpful when detecting if they are having an off day.”.

Cori Hardcastle: “We are a very close knit school. This is between us students and teachers. However at times we are also divided into groups. There are honor students that only hang with honor students. There’s the “goon” squad that only hangs out with the “goons”. The two groups don’t usually mix.”

Emma Smith: “We are very small so everyone knows everyone, which can be a bad thing at times or a good thing.”

Josh Rumsey: “It is unique how close teachers are with students because of Galway’s size. For example, Mr. J is small.”

Mr. Jacaruso: “*laughs* Well the student make Galway unique. Being a teacher can be made or broken by their quality of the kids that you teach, but I enjoy teaching here.”

Evan Morse (Galway Alumni): “I think Galway is unique because even though we’re a smaller school, our achievements tend to be big. The students can also develop closer relationships to the teachers which helps for a better learning environment and higher academic standards.


As you can see, there’s a common trend. People agree that Galway is unique because of its small size and what that means for the relationship between the student and the teacher. Everyone knows everyone. It could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s a Galway thing! What do you think? Leave your comment below! 

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