This week in Galway… Bug Infestation!

Sam Grant and Josh Rumsey

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This Week in Galway… the Bug Infestation!!!

Hello Eagle Nation!  This past Tuesday, Galway High School experienced its first major bug infestation since the beginning of last year. What bug are we talking about? A terrible, disgusting, vile bug worse than anything Galway’s ever seen before. While spiders and ants may steal the tiniest of crumbs from you, this bug would steal half of your lunch without second thought, and still be hungry! Even rodents like mice have clean, smooth, well kept fur. This creature always has the most unkempt, messy excuse for a weave this school has ever seen. 

Behold: The nastiest bug Galway has ever seen, Ashlyn O’Neil!!! Bug is her pet name that we have given her. She reminds us of a bug. She can be cute, weird, and very persistent. You can tell her to go away, but she’ll just keep coming back. You can tell her not to do something, but she’ll do it anyway. Through everything, we still love our bug. Enjoy some beautiful pictures of her.

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