This Week In Galway: The World’s Most Un-Agreeable Topics

Sam Grant and Josh Rumsey

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 Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?

MILK CHOCOLATE-There’s no answer here since milk chocolate is inferior.

DARK CHOCOLATE- Mrs. Ostrander: Clearly, dark chocolate is the only choice. Dark chocolate has been scientifically proven to be good for you. And it tastes a million times better. That is all.


Apple or Samsung?

APPLE- Darren Heigel: I have always used Apple and I think that it is less complicated than Samsung.

SAMSUNG- Hannah Thompson: Apple is monopolizing the technology market and taking advantage of consumers by instating failsafe flaws in their products, therefore consumers must purchase a new product every year or two years. This traps the consumer and is amoral. Monopolies were deemed illegal a long time ago, Apple should not be able to still be getting away with this. 🙂


Cake or Pie?

CAKE- Riley Flint: I feel like you can have cake year round. It is just more appropriate for every season. Birthday cakes not birthday pies.

PIE- Joshua Rumsey: There’s no debate here. Pie is one the most versatile food in the world, there are countless types of pies out there. If you want something sweet, grab some apple pie or strawberry rhubarb, save cake for the wusses.


Books or Movies?

BOOKS- Lily Gullett: While movies allow people to sit braindead for an hour and a half to see what may have happened, a book will always beat it out. The power in the words and the fact that they can take you to another world for however long it will take you to read them. There are so many books to read, and whatever you want to read, there’s probably a book for that. Need a talking dog? There are so many books! Also can we just talk about the fact that people are proud they haven’t read a book in years? That is not something to be proud of! What in the world makes that cool! Social media only lasts so long (you can in fact get to the end of the instagram explore page) (I’d know) Books will never run out! Books.

MOVIES- Cori Hardcastle: Because I can live in them. And I hate reading.


Skittles or M&M’s?

SKITTLES- Riley Flint: I just do.

M&M’s- Jon Fajans: Because.


Cats or Dogs?

CATS- Sam Grant: I love both cats and dogs. They’re amazing animals, but I’d have to say I prefer cats a little bit more, considering I don’t have any dogs of my own to cuddle 24/7 );

DOGS- Joshua Rumsey: Dogs are amazing, they’re bundles of happiness that never run out of energy. Cats are cute, but you can barely interact with them.  Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason!


Blue or Red?

BLUE- Cori Hardcastle: Because red looks bad on gingers, so growing up I have learned to hate the color red. Also my friends tell me I look really good in blue.

RED- Natalie Zembsch: It’s a color that motivates me because it’s thought of as so powerful. I just like it 🙂


Math or English?

MATH- Joshua Rumsey: I prefer math over English because it comes easier to me, and there’s only one set answer in any math problem. English answers can be debated, which leads to frustrating arguments at times. Math is straightforward.

ENGLISH- Sam Grant: I hate math with a burning passion, so I’ll choose any subject over it. Also English can be fun.. sometimes.


Fortnite or PUBG?

FORTNITE: Chad Sherman: I prefer Fortnite over PUBG because Fornite is a faster paced game.

PUBG: Sam Grant: Because I am god awful at Fortnite and my boyfriend Chad is obsessed with it.


Sleep or Social Life?

SLEEP: Joshua Rumsey: Dreaming is cool, comfy beds are great, what’s not to like? There’s no better feeling than waking up past noon and not knowing who you are or where you are. A social life is ok, but sleep will always be better.

SOCIAL LIFE- Cori Hardcastle: Hanging with friends is fun, but the majority of the time my friends and I sleep anyways at social events.  


Lastly, is water wet?

We’ll let you decide this one. Comment down below your opinions!

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