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Christmas Poems


          Christ is born
          Hot Cocoa 

 Sled Rides
        sIlver bells
          Santa Claus

          Tree toppers
          Merry and bright

         cAndy canes
         Sugar Cookies



The simple joys of life:

Reading the Bible and realizing how much God loves you.

Dancing with my mom in the kitchen to oldies.

Picking blueberries with my grandpa while he gives me advice.

Watching romance movies with my mom and crying through it all.

Having my grandma teach me how to make Polish recipes.

Playing around the world with my brother.

Seeing my dog laying by the fireplace sleeping on a cold winter night. 

Swimming in the pool with my best friend while we talk about every little thing imaginable.

80s movies and music. 

Sunsets that bring tears to my eyes.

Seeing how in love my grandparents still are after 50 years together.

Family gatherings at my grandmas.

Taking a hot shower and feeling clean.

Seeing my mom happy.

Getting a 100 on a test I studied hard for. 

Smiling at someone and having them smile back.

Big hugs for no reason.

Eating ice cream in the summer on the back of a truck. 

My mom and I jamming out to country music with the windows rolled down.

Reading a really good book while drinking coffee. 

Playing cornhole with my family.

Seeing happy people.

A white Christmas.

Worshiping on a sunday morning and hearing all the voices lift up to praise God. 

Getting coffee with my mom on little outings.

Reminiscing on good memories. 

My mom and I always cheering each other on.

Summer sleepovers with my cousins.

Setting up Christmas decorations, 

And realizing that life is too short to always be sad.

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