Poem: Life’s Butterflies

Poem: Lifes Butterflies

Sadie Underwood, Writer

Life’s Butterflies


Growing up is like the caterpillar stage,

Full potential is awaiting.

Wings that provide us with the beauty, confidence, and power to fly away are nothing but a dream for the future.

One of those dreams that forces you to wake into a state of utter misery.

Will life ever be that perfect?


We watch as the others, the experienced, the monarch butterflies of society stand above all with pride and elegance,

And we search for answers.

Maybe it’s trying out that harsh side part and winged eyeliner for the first time in middle school,

Or following in the footsteps of an older sibling.


During this journey, we get wrapped up in a cocoon of mixed emotions.

As we shape ourselves into our own unique versions, society’s high standards make it nearly impossible.

Some want to change everything about themselves all at once.

Parents buying their children phones at as young as the age of ten.

Social media creating this unrealistic standard:

“Go on a diet, curl your straight hair, it’s too thin, straighten your curly hair, frizziness is unattractive!”


Some don’t make it out.

They become trapped in an endless cycle of not feeling good enough.

I would know.


It is up to you to break down society’s cocoon walls and spread your wings.

Know your worth and set an example for the growing caterpillars.

For butterflies are a sign of the natural beauty of life when it is lived to its fullest extent.

It just takes time.