Wattpad Review #2: A Second Chance

Wattpad Review #2: A Second Chance

Schuyler Arnold, EMC Staff Writer

This week, I’m reviewing yet another teen fiction novel by @joymoment, titled A Second Chance. This book is about two musicians that have to work together to reach a common goal. A Second Chance has two main characters: Lennon Kayhill and Kade Matthews. Lennon is and up-and-coming singer, while Kade is already in the prime of his career: he’s the lead singer of the popular music trio Hey Farewell. Together, Kade and Lennon eventually discover that what they were looking for was closer than they thought.

The story opens up with Lennon and her manager, Jordan, in a meeting with Kade’s manager, Matt. After hours of negotiations, Matt and Jordan have reached a deal that will advance Lennon’s musical career and shoot her into the spotlight.

In order to help Lennon with her career, Matt has agreed to let Lennon be the opening act for Hey Farewell for the remainder of their American tour and for all of their European tour. In exchange, Lennon has to pretend to be Kade’s girlfriend for one year.

Matt lays out his plan clearly: Kade and Lennon would make their relationship public, and then after about one year, they would begin to drop hints at a rocky relationship to the media. Then, they would go their separate ways, showing a complete breakup to the public. Although Lennon does not want to associate herself with Kade because of his messy past in the spotlight, she agrees because she knows the publicity will only help her career.

The main component of A Second Chance that really caught my eye was the story description. Instead of a simple paragraph explaining the gist of the story, the author opted to use an excerpt from one of the early chapters to show what the book is about and the writing style of the author. The excerpt used was a scene with Lennon and Kade upon their first meeting, in which their own personal rules for their fake relationship are laid out by Kade. He firmly states three things: that he is not Lennon’s friend, that their relationship is a job, and lastly, he tells her not to fall in love with him. Unfazed by his bluntness, Lennon jumps right into this job, eager to get her chance at the spotlight.

Even though Kade and Lennon had an agreement early on to keep their relationship professional, naturally, they became friends. Lennon realized that there was more to Kade than what the media showed. Kade let Lennon past the walls he put around his heart and the two eventually became close, between staged public dates to holidays with family. Through their journey, they gained respect for each other. They helped each other during moments of weakness. They began to confide in each other with their deepest secrets, and after their scheduled breakup, found themselves missing each other’s company. To me, that is one of the biggest themes of this book. I’m a firm believer that anyone and everyone can become friends. All it takes is some effort. Of course, with Lennon and Kade, it may have been harder because they were always followed by the paparazzi, but it was the moments when they were alone that had the greatest impact.

I would recommend A Second Chance to the reader who is searching for a realistic yet cliche telling of Hollywood romance. Even though this story’s plot was extremely predictable, the author still did a fantastic job of telling the story and making it her own. If you are in the mood for a new read, I would head on over to Wattpad and read this fantastic novel by @joymoment. The link to the story is below: