Creative writing prompt

Creative writing prompt

The following writing prompt can be found on Consider checking out the prompts there if you are interested in composing some fresh material!  Or, try your hand at the prompt below and post your story in a comment or see Mrs. Decker with it.

A promotion at work has you head out with coworkers to celebrate. While out at a restaurant, you decide to sing karaoke. As you belt your way through the song ___________, another member of the crowd starts harmonizing with you. Is it someone you know? Is it not? Either way, tell the story


I work at Burger King from October to February. On New Year’s Eve, we go out and party. We went to this restaurant that had karaoke. All my coworkers dared me to sing, “Call me maybe.” I said I would if they paid for all my food. They agreed to so I walked up to the stage, started playing the song and started singing.

I was belting through the song. When I got about halfway through the song, a person that I have never met before started singing with me. If I wasn’t singing so well (not), I would have screamed at him to stop ruining my solo. But, I didn’t.

After I was done, he walked over to me and said that I was horrible and so he was singing along to help me out. I told him that he didn’t help. He was the one and only problem. He told me he was sorry. He thought he was helping out.  He asked me if I wanted to go hang with him.  I told him that I was already on a date (which I was, with my coworkers). He said, “Ohhh.”

So I gave him my number and told him to call me. Then we went our separate ways. After my coworkers and I left, the guy I met called me. I found out his name was Jack. And so we planned a date.