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Trap Shooting


Recently, I went to a shooting clinic for trap shooting. My coaches invited Steve Borst, who has been teaching shotgun shooting for 22 years. He gave out so much good advice and really put everything into perspective.

After we finished the clinic, we had time for a quick chat. His dog, Kalie, joined us and made everything very fun! He has a lovely family of a wife, 2 kids, and another dog up in Duanesburg. He used to run Black Dog Outdoor Sports before he retired. I recommend that everyone goes there to meet his son and son in law who now run the shop!

Since his retirement, Steve now has time to do things he loves, which include fly fishing, pickleball, and teaching kids to shoot.

When asked what shotgun he would recommend for a beginner, he suggested a gas operated, semi-automatic 12 gauge. I asked him what advice he would give to somebody starting out trap. He replied, “A couple of things. Make sure you get a gun that fits you correctly and mount it correctly. If you don’t, your cheeks will be all black and blue. You also need to have fun!”

Meeting Steve was such an amazing opportunity and I had such a great time! 

And bonus material…the next day, while using his advice, I got a PR with 20 out of 50 birds hit!  

Consider joining trap if you haven’t!

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