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Teacher Feature: Coach Mac

Coach Mac

Coach Mac was born and raised in Burnt Hills. She chose to teach at Galway because she wanted to work at a small school with a good community.

She  graduated college from Russell Sage college in Troy, NY.  

She has always loved fitness and sports and she always knew she wanted to work with kids.

Her favorite sport is soccer and her favorite P.E unit is ultimate frisbee but she likes all the units. 

Coach Mac also loves coaching girls modified basketball, soccer and softball.  She says, “It’s really fun and she enjoys working with the girls.“

She has enjoyed Galway very much and her favorite part is working closely with the student body.

If she wasn’t a teacher, she would be a chef because she has had a history in restaurants.

Her biggest pet peeve is people bouncing the ball while she is talking.

Here are some facts about her you may not already know! She has a Black lab named Dude that turned 4 in March.

Her favorite place to travel is skiing in Vermont or go out west to Utah or Colorado. Her dream vacation is big sky Montana. 

Her favorite color is olive green.

She also enjoys the book The Hunger Games and the movie Surf’s Up.

Lastly, if she had a superpower it would be shrinking really small so she could sneak into any place and so she could fill up a bathtub and pretend she is cliff diving.

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About the Contributors
Emma M.
Emma M., EMC Jr. High Staff Writer
Emma M. is 13 years old. Her favorite food is a hot turkey sandwich. She is on the modified volleyball team, travel volleyball, modified basketball, travel basketball, travel softball, the school's softball team, EMC, treasurer of Student Senate, and yearbook. Her birthday was October 28, 2010 at 5:10pm.  Her favorite color is purple. She is in accelerated math and advanced science and she isn't scared of anything. Some may say she is fearless.
Grace D.
Grace D., EMC Jr. High Staff Writer
Grace D. is interested in volleyball, participating in Student Senate, and writing for emc. She is an 8th grader and she has a great sense of humor.  When she grows up, she wants to be tall. Grace also wants to be a doctor.  If she was a superhero, she would want to have the power to teleport. 

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