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Galway Public Library’s Murder Mystery Night

Guilty and proud! Garrett wore his costume to school the day after the murder mystery party at the library.

Last Thursday night, the Galway Public Library hosted their first Murder Mystery night for local youth, and it was a great success.  Participants are hoping it will be a monthly activity!

At the murder mystery night, I sat next to Garret Symonds (playing Ree Fill) and Gracyn Symonds (playing Kerr Fuller). I played Terry Tune, a prankster band band geek. The setting was the 80’s and everyone dressed for it!

The mystery was who murdered Kevin Floosy. We had clues and a list of questions to figure out who it was. Ree Fill was able to convince me it was Kerr Fuller. With each passing round, I became more certain he was right. At the end of the game, I revealed I was not the killer. Strangely, Kerr Fuller was not the murder either. Then, Ree Fill revealed his role. He was the killer! He had me fooled the entire time!

I would recommend anyone who is thinking of it to definitely go the next time!

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Comments (1)

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    Ailey NelsonFeb 16, 2024 at 12:47 pm

    Thank you for publishing this, Mrs. Decker!