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Drama Club 2024: What to Expect


As November rolls around, it’s time for students to start thinking about Drama Club again for the winter. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ms. Booth and Ms. Keller, the Drama Club advisors, and I got to hear what they were most looking forward to this year, what some of their plans are, as well as what they consider when choosing a musical each year.

There’s a lot that goes into planning, organizing, and directing a musical every year beyond what people may see on stage. For the advisors, organization, cooperation, and time management are all things that are essential to making a show happen each year. Without a strong and energized cast and a hard working crew, the show would not be possible each year. Last year our production got very lucky when we received set pieces from a local middle school who also performed “The Little Mermaid,” which relieved some stress from the crew and eliminated a majority of the set pieces that needed to be made. This year however it’s likely that the club won’t receive that luxury. Although that does come with some stress, both Ms. Booth and Ms. Keller are holding their heads up high for the future.

When deciding on a musical each year, both Drama advisors need to keep in mind who they have in their cast from the previous year, what the crew’s abilities are, “…shows that are accessible for middle schoolers but not too juvenile for the older people,” Ms. Booth said. This does mean that shows such as “Heathers,” “Avenue Q,” or others that don’t fit the demographic of our school like “Hairspray” or “West Side Story” are not viable options when picking a musical, according to Ms. Booth. They are also both looking for a show with a larger cast option. Ms. Keller added, “We don’t want it to be the same four people singing all of the songs.” 

Every year, the goal for our directors is being able to put on a show where they can feel like they have done a good job with it, or a show that the kids participating in it are able to enjoy themselves. Ms. Booth states that “If people are able to come see the show, enjoy it, and we do not lose money, then that is definitely a bonus.” As someone who has been a member of the Drama Club since middle school, I can say from experience that there has never been a dull moment in the club. Everyone truly gets along with each other, it’s always a positive and fun experience for both the kids and the directors so I truly believe that both Ms. Keller and Ms. Booth are able to achieve their goals with the show each year.

This year will be very interesting for the club. Now that Ms. Keller is signed on for another year, she has the advantage of knowing a majority of the students she is working with again, allowing her to know more about what each person is capable of. One issue with Drama Club has been the lack of a constant director over the last couple of years, resulting in the club to start from scratch each year. This year, because we are fortunate enough to have Ms. Keller returning for another year allows the club to open up for more fundraisers and other events that otherwise would not have been possible. Both of the advisors are looking forward to building off of the momentum that the club had the following year and seeing what the club has in store for the future.

Although this interview was filled with many jokes about this year’s musical being “Cats” or that one Scottish play (“Shrek the Musical”), as well as some “Glee” references, it was truly a great experience for me to be able to sit down with the both of them one on one to interview them on the club. The musical is a massive part of my life each year and I’m glad I have the opportunity to do more with the club for my senior year. I hope to see everyone show up to Drama Club’s interest meeting, regardless of whether or not you are positive that you will be joining the club. It’s a wonderful experience to be a part of every year and I look forward to not only what the club has in store this year, but also all of the new faces that will hopefully be joining us on this wacky yet exciting experience.

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