The Office: Ms. Booth

Everybody’s favorite chorus teacher is Ms.Booth! Here are some facts about her you might not know. Ms.Booth is a Gemini whose favorite color is blue. She used to play volleyball but always sat on the bench. She has two cats Gideon and Gonzo and her favorite animal is a tiger (which might explain why she has cats ).

She started working at Galway in 2012.

She first realized she wanted to become a music teacher when she was in 6th grade because her elementary music teacher was really unsupportive and mean. She went to college at Suny Potsdam. Her favorite movie is Singing in the Rain starring Gene Kelly (her favorite actor).

Her dream vacation is in Europe to tour the cities.

Her parents are her idols.

She says she doesn’t have a favorite class period. Her favorite play is Into the Woods and she loves the book Pride and Prejudice.

Also make sure to wish Ms. Booth a happy birthday on June 15th!