Senior Spotlight


Kristina B., EMC Junior High Staff Writer

Can you guess which senior this is that plays a spring sport?

  1. She likes to watch college softball.
  2. She follows the Yankees and the Buffalo Bills.
  3. She started playing this sport around age 5.
  4. Her favorite saying is,”A bruise is a lesson…. and each lesson makes us better.”
  5. Her favorite sport drink is Blue Gatorade or Fruit Punch Body Armor.
  6. She also plays soccer and has been playing since she was 5! 
  7. She plays shortstop.
  8. This is her first year catching.
  9. She’s attending FMCC for nursing next year. 
  10. She is number 9.


It’s Alaina Amaschmutat! She would like to thank her parents and teammates! She writes,” I would like to thank my parents for all of the money and time they put into me and helping me succeed and all of my coaches who have pushed me to become a better athlete. Lastly, the team for making softball so much fun and always putting in the effort.”