I looked at the end

I looked at the end

And there it was. 

I looked at the last day I will step foot in this building.

The culmination of senioritis and still having so much to do-

But I will never get it done if I don’t do it now.

This is it.

This is the final stretch. 

And it’s staring me in the face.


I thought that I’d love today,

The day when I can finally visualize myself walking out for the final dismissal bell.

But I don’t.

I almost wish it never came.

I wish I could go back-

To when the days and weeks felt longer.

But now I’m just begging for them to slow down.


I had been in denial for a while.

Just not talking about the end that was drawing nearer.

But now I can’t deny anymore,

Because the day is drawing closer.

I looked at the end today.

And it welcomed me with open arms.

But I cried at the very mention of its name.