Junior High Student Spotlights!


What clubs are you in?

Joseph C. (8th): Robotics”

Emma M. (7th)- “ I’m in yearbook, Student Senate, and Emc”

Hayden F. (7th)- “Hopefully NJHS.”

Estelle H. (6th)- “I’m in Ski Club.”

Natalie W. (8th)-“8th grade teen advisory, Girls Scouts and drama club.”


Do you play any sports?

Joseph C.- “ Basketball”

Emma M.- “ Yes, I play softball, volleyball, and basketball”

Estelle H.- “Yes I play volleyball”

Hayden F.- “Baseball and Basketball”

Natalie W.- “softball and volleyball”


What is your favorite class?

Joseph C.- “Science”

Emma M.- “ Math or Science”

Estelle H.- “Social studies”

Hayden F.- “Math”

Natalie W.- “Social Studies”


If you could teach any subject, what would it be?

Emma M.- “Probably math”

Estelle H.- “ Art or gym”

Hayden F.- “Math”

Natalie W.- “Social studies’

Joseph C.- “Science”


What was the most interesting thing you learned this year?

Joseph C.- “Meiosis”

Emma M.- “ Crocodiles can’t stick out their tongues” 

Estelle H.- “ My volleyball rotations”

Hayden F.- “Monomials”

Natalie W.- “x2 times y1”


What is something you found challenging this school year but overcame?


Joseph C.- “I thought teachers would be mean but they were nice”

Emma M.- “ The faster pace in Math”

Estelle H. “Waking up earlier since last year”

Hayden F. “Home and careers tests”

Natalie W- “Leaving fake friends


What is something  you hope to be better at before the end of the year?

Joseph C.- “Math”

Emma M.- “Spelling”

Estelle H.- “Making friends”

Hayden F.- “Basketball”

Natalie W.- “Better grades even though mine are great I want them better”