Reflection: Change

Reflection:  Change

Moving.  Switching Schools. Changing grades. Changing. To name a few. Change can be beautiful like the seasons changing.  Change can be wonderful like turning another year or going up a grade.  Change can be horrifying like moving or switching schools.

Change can be a blessing.  Changing grades and moving on in your life.  Change in this example is waking up 180 days and going to school to learn.  Learn what you will need for the rest of your life. When you get up on your last day of school, you experience change.  You’re at your end of the year moving up ceremony.  You sit, listening to everything they are saying. You hear that everyone is very nice but to find out yourself you have to have their class. You walk in to school on the first day of school realizing you’ve changed.  Maybe you can’t see or notice the change yet, but it is there.  Maybe you are a few inches taller, maybe you changed the way you dress or the way you do your hair,.  Regardless of if you notice how you’ve changed.  You’ve changed by taking the next step in your life.  You’ve progressed into the rest of your life.

Change can be a curse.  Switching schools and moving.  Being afraid you won’t fit in, being afraid you won’t make any friends, being afraid of going into the wrong class, or just being scared.  When I was younger I moved here to Galway from Niskayuna.  I was terrified for my first day of school.  I knew one person in my grade who was not in my class.  I felt so strange walking into a school I’ve been in once before.  I was so scared that I would have no one to talk to at all.  When you experience the feeling of walking into a strange place and not knowing where to go.  At least once, everyone will experience this feeling of walking into a strange place because your still adjusting to your new surroundings.

Change can be a blessing, a curse or both. No matter what kind of change you have to face it head on.  Don’t let change scare you.