Jr. High Holiday Experiences

Mrs. Flinton’s door for the 7th grade hallway theme “Let it Snow.”

Kristina B. and Grace D.

Do you celebrate the same holidays as your neighbor? I bet you don’t have the same traditions. Your break plans are for sure different in at least one way. We asked a few people to see some different traditions, holidays, and so much more between some junior high students. 

What holiday do you celebrate?

Andy M. (8th): “Christmas”

Kaitlynn D.(8th): “Christmas”

Jameson W. (7th): “Christmas”

Amelia L. (7th): “Christmas”

Jack M. (6th): “Christmas and Hanukkah”

Samantha B. (6th): “Christmas”

What are some of your traditions? 

Jameson W.: “My family and I all put ornaments on the tree.”

Andy M.: “We put our tree up on Black Friday.”

Kaitlynn D.: “I always go to my grandma to open gift and eat lots of yummy food”

Amelia L.:” On Christmas morning, my family and I have hot chocolate and crescents.”

Jameson W.: “My family and I all put ornaments on the tree.”

Samantha B.: “ Going to my grandma’s on Christmas Eve and going to my grandma and grandpa’s on Christmas Day.”

What are your plans over break?

Kaitlynn D.:“Make cookies and go to basketball practice.”

Andy M.: “Spend time with family.”

Samantha B.: “Baking cookies.”

Amelia L. -”Stay home and spend time with family.”

Samantha B.:”Baking cookies.”

Any gifts you’re hoping for?

Kaitlynn D.: “A few sweatshirts and a new phone case.”

Jameson W.:“Not really.”

Amelia L.:” AirPods and a new phone case.”

Samantha B.: “Crafts stuff.” 

Jack M.: “Madden 23” ( a video game) 

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Andy M.: “‘All I want for Christmas is you’.”

Kaitlynn D.: “‘The Christmas Song’ and ‘Silver Bells’. ”

Amelia L.: “’Feliz Navidad’ or ‘All I want for Christmas is you’.”

Jameson W.: “‘Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,’ ‘All I want for Christmas is you,’ and ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’.”

Jack M.: “All of them!!”

Samantha B.: “‘Candy Cane Lane’ or ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’.”

What is a wish you have for the new year?

Kaitlynn D.: “To improve my health.”  

Andy M.: “Spend more time with family.”

Amelia L.: “To be a bird.”

Samantha B.: “To win all my sports games.”

Jack M. “That 2023 will be the best year yet.”